Last year, I set my resolutions along the lines of something you WANT, something you NEED, something to SHARE and something to SUCCEED. It actually worked quite well, well 3 out of 4; and so I am planning on applying the same theme for 2018 but with some old and new goals.

SOMETHING I WANT TO DO IN 2017 Moving and Decorating our Forever Home

I have lived in only a few homes in my life and in two countries. I worked it out the other day: 18 years in JHB, 3 years (CT), 4 years (JHB), 2 years (Zurich), 2 years (JHB), 5 years (Rotkreuz, Zug) and 5 years (Oberwil, Zug). This year we will move again but finally the house will be what we are calling our forever home. A home that even if we move will always be a place that we keep and can return to for holidays or dare I say retirement!?! We are not moving far, just a bit around the lake to Hunenberg; and we are naturally super excited! Officially, the house is ours already but we can start work on it next month and all things going well, move in for the beginning of the Summer holidays. This month we are hopefully going to have finalised with the architect and the municipality what we can and can not do, but here is a peek!

WANT TO DO FOR JANUARY 2017 30 Days No Shopping Challenge and The Wish List

I also decided to break this down into monthly goals, I am still working on the full annual plan but for the month of January the goal is not to buy anything from the shops in terms of house items, clothes, books etc. The idea being that I can spend the time writing a wish list and start to really focus on what I actually need and for what I want it will be “worth the wait”.

SOMETHING I NEED TO DO FOR 2017 Loosing Weight and Being Healthy

This sounds like a very typical New Years Resolution, but last year I had this as my SUCCEED goal and I failed miserably! But even worse, I can honestly say I felt that my over health took a knock. I am not going to bore you with all the details but this year I have decided to create a weight goal and a health one for each month and if I succeed, I can “reward” myself with something along the lines of clothing, jewellery or beauty etc.

NEED TO DO FOR JANUARY Gyni Visit for Mammogram and Pap Smear and a Sugar Free Month

SOMETHING I WILL SHARE IN 2017 Travelling The World with My Family

Last year, this was my goal and it really was the best part of the whole year. This year we are starting where we left off spending the first week in Cape Town and then picking up on our two goals from last year 1) travelling to the Wonders of the World and 2) visiting all the Cantons of Switzerland (only 2 left!).

SHARE FOR JANUARY 2018 Holidaying in Cape Town, and planning for our next big trip: China!

SOMETHING TO SUCCEED IN 2018  Styling and photography

Last year, my WANT and NEED goals were a look into finding a new “job” for me and spending time on my “hobby” of entertaining at home with family and friends. Within in a few months a dream came true where my photography and styling were featured in Wedding Inspirations and I became a regular contributor for Party Pieces UK. The year ended with being published 15 times, and for 2018 I am hoping to increase this to 24 and build up my portfolio to 40 new shoots. And then just for fun (and practice) I want to host lots of fun family and friend events, dinners and just super casual get-togethers.

NEED TO DO FOR JANUARY 2018 Make a Big Start on Styling Projects and Zara’s Birthday Party

This month’s publishing goal was a HUGE highlight for me already as Ideas Magazine featured my first column feature, I’ll share it soon (but you can get a copy now in stores and online and how stunning is their cover!). But I do need to get cracking on my new shoots for the year as soon as I get back to Switzerland – already starting to pin inspiration madly! And I have Zara’s official Birthday Party on the 19th.


Last but not least, I have a mantra for 2018 and it is: “Enjoy the little things in life… for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” In the past I have been very guilty of focusing on BIG things and ignoring or not “enjoying” the little things. This year I am hoping to spend most of my time “catching up” on all the little things that I do not do or value and most importantly enjoy it! I have a small list at the moment but I am hoping that by the end of the year, I will have a long list of 365 little things. As you can see I love lists – and crossing things off my list really do bring me so much joy, so I’ll be sure to post a progress report each month…

Here’s hoping you have a year filled with lots of little things that bring you much enjoyment!