I think it is a pretty standard goal of many people to loose weight/exercise more in the New Year. I definitely need this as a goal. I am still working out exactly how to do this all properly. But today I did a few baby steps that I have been putting off for ages.

1. I weighed myself. The plan is to do it every single week. I did it today and have put a weekly reminder in my phone to do it.

2. I cleared out Liam’s running room. I had been storing all the Christmas presents and house decor overflow in there. Now it is empty so much so the rowing machine has space to be properly set up.

3. I even pressurised myself to stand on the treadmill for the first time and did a simple 15 minute walk. I know it is not a big deal but now I know how easy it is to get on, turn it on and just walk for a bit. As I was going slowly I was able to “read” instagram and I haven’t subscribed but did a quick assessment and the fact that I could devote “only” 3 months of my life and potentially meet my goal made it seem less onerous than a whole year! I don’t know what that plan would entail but even 6 months on a slower plan made it seem something I could actually do.

Bonus! I also saw on instagram that lots of people are making new year resolutions and many also adopt a Word for the Year. I liked Swiss Family Travel’s “Trust” and Jayde’s Archive’s “Rediscover”. It made me even more motivated by my “Reinvent” one. Also, I loved how Jayde made a gorgeous vision board and made it her desktop wallpaper. Definitely adding this idea to my New Year 365 Resolutions To Do List.