I know everything is up in the air with Covid taking another turn for the worse. But I spent a few hours today researching possible travel destinations for the upcoming holidays in 2021. We are supposed to be in South Africa right now and as soon as it is safe for us to go and for us to see and hug family, we will! But I do think realistically that will only be in the next 6 months or so, and in the interim, the girls have a week in February (where we will go our apartment in Andermatt) and then they have three weeks in April!

I decided to book a week away during this break, and as our trip to Madeira and staying at the Belmond there was so safe and easy, I had a look at the rest of their portfolio. And fingers crossed we will be able to go to Mallorca. I have never been and had initially planned to celebrate my 40th there but instead changed it to go to Southern Africa. As soon as I booked the flights (Edelweiss fly direct and it is less than 2 hours on the plane) and the hotel, I immediately felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. I know we might not go, but the fact that there is a possibility makes me so happy.

Gorgeous image below by Jackie Diedam.