Last night I watched The Minimalists show on Netflix.I had actually heard their story a few years ago but it was great to hear it from them out loud and to be reminded of their 31 Day Challenge. I decided this is something that I will do in January, and so I did a quick catch up of the last 5 days today as well. The main premise is that on day 1 you get rid of 1 thing you no longer need. Day 2 you get rid of 2 things. Day 3, 3, day 4, 4 etc. until you reach Day 31 and get rid of another 31 things. Following on this I had to get rid of 21 things today (Days 1 – 6) and I have to say it wasn’t that tough. I think it will get harder especially as I already got rid of quite a bit before I started this challenge. But I have lots of spaces to edit, so I am sure I will be able to do it! Why not give it a go too?