In 2019 I started In Good Company Design as a side hustle of mine. This is where I get to do styling and designing of homes and interiors. It is much loved passion of mine ever since I was little where I managed to convince my Mom I wanted an-all white Biggie Best bedroom but ended up loving this tiny colourful floral print in red/yellow/blue that I still vividly remember. Or the time (and only time) I decided to DIY cloud wallpaper on my walls. Oh! I just remembered the time I decided to do my courtyard all with pale yellow painted potted planters! I am actually laughing now at my myself because I always think I love muted colours and minimalism but clearly I was born a colour lover and am a maximalist!

The past two years I have predominantly been focusing and photographing our home in Huenenberg, and before that our home in Raebmatt and our holiday homes in Andermatt and Cape Town. Last year I focused more on styling and the interior design of my shop In Good Company Gifts; and this then gave way to a redesign of my past studio: so I just finished the new Home Office for Liam and the Games Room for the girls. I finally took photos of the two spaces this week!

The problem being now I have run out of spaces, but I am excited that on Monday I start the Three Birds Styling School and I think this is definitely more up my alley. I did the Three Birds Renovation course (loved it) and signed up for The Little Design Corner’s Course on Sketch Up (but I never finished it, I just wasn’t that into it). I also looked into doing a formal Interior Design Course but I soon realised that such a profession in Switzerland would be difficult if it came to building and renovations. You definitely need to be fluent in German and already the struggles I have had with my own homes, has me out of my depth, I don’t think I could take on the responsibility of someone else’s big renovation project. And so I am excited to really focus more on the styling of rooms and small DIY projects this year. And I think I am going to keep my eye open for a handyman (or should that be lady) course – as I do think that many people sit with the situation that they want lovely spaces but also can’t take on a big build or renovation and need help more with quick fixes and pretty things.

M goal is to continue to design/style spaces, I am thinking at least 12 of them – and fingers crossed one/two may be paying clients.