One of my goals for 2021 is to save money and spend less. I admittedly love shopping and often end up buying things I don’t really need or only use a few times. A few years ago I did a non-spend January and it worked really well, so I am doing the same this month. I am hoping that not only will I save 1/12 of what would be my disposable income but I will build a thoughtful habit over the 31 days when it comes to spending money. It is only Day 5 but it is already going so well and these 3 steps that I have been using seem to be working:

STEP ONE – AVOID THE SHOPS I haven’t been to the shops since the 28th December. For groceries, Liam and the girls have gone just to the small COOP down the road and I have stayed away all together. My meal planner has a tear-off shopping list and so I have been jotting down what we need on there and that is all we are allowed to buy. I will be going to the shops tomorrow, so it will be the first “real test” but that brings me to step 2.

STEP TWO – CREATE A FEBRUARY WISH LIST I have created a word document where I get to jot down things that I would like to buy and a folder where I can save photos of the items too. The rule is I can add anything that I see out and about, anything that I see online, pretty much I can add anything to the list. No editing at this moment and the fact that I am telling myself I can “get the items in February” makes me totally okay with just “saving” the item instead of buying the item. Naturally, in February I will review this list, but for now I simply just get to “shop virtually”.

STEP THREE – SHOP MY HOUSE In addition to my wish list, I am creating a list of things I need to hunt down or use in my house first, before I get to buy that “essential item”. For example, I set the goal to finally defrost my freezer this week, and so I made a point of meal planning everything from our freezer first, before adding any new groceries to the shopping list. Similarly, I tidied up our fridge and pantry: threw away everything that had expired, reorganised everything into labelled baskets and double checked nothing in the party was repeated on the grocery list. I also made a mental note of what we threw away, so that I don’t make the same mistake of buying things we never eat/finish. I also helped Bailey yesterday tidy up the girls bathroom the same way and to make sure that I don’t buy any more makeup/toiletries I am going to do my bathroom next!