So just in case you missed it here, I started a 40 Things Before 40 Bucket list nearly three years ago. And I am so glad I did, I really have had the time of my life doing all of my favourite things with my favourite people in the world! And I am sure my 40’s will be my favourite years too!

My official 40 Things Before 40 Bucket List!
1. See the Northern Lights in Finland
2. Get a family pet (or two!): Emma and Ella
3. Venture to the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
4. Be debt free
5. Swim with dolphins in Mauritius
6. Take a class I’ve always wanted to: Photography
7. Treat myself to an expensive accessory: a real Swiss watch
8. View the works of Van Gogh, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
9. Gaze at the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt
10. Ride a Camel
11. Take a Trip to the Taj Mahal, India
12. Lay my eyes on Mt. Everest, Nepal
13. Encounter an Elephant
14. Eat gelato at the Colosseum, Rome
15. Cruise the Med. with my whole family
16. Stand where the Colosseus of Rhodes did
17. Relax on the beaches of Rio’s Harbour, Brazil
18. Stand at the feet of Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
19. Be sprayed by the Iguassu Falls, Argentina/Brazil
20. Take a hair-raising helicopter ride, over Paraguay too
21. Eat at one of the World’s Best Restaurants – Central in Lima, Peru
22. Marvel at Machu Picchu, Peru
23. See my favourite musician live: Robbie Willliams in Zurich
24. Walk the Great Wall of China
25. Host 40 parties at Home
26. Commission an original work of art – Lake People by Theresa Losa
27. Kiss a Giraffe at Giraffe Manor in Kenya
28. Go Quad Biking in Samburu, Kenya
29. Witness the Masai Mara Migration
30. Visit 40 Countries (bonus: Saw the Wonders of the Ancient World: Halicarneaus in Bodrum and the Temple or Artemis in Ephesus)
31. Hike in Petra, Jordan
32. Have 40 of my own Photo Shoots Published
33. Find, renovate and decorate our Forever Home
34. See more Wonders of The World: The Great Barrier Reef, Australia, The Grand Canyon, United States of America and Chichen Itza, Mexico
35. Take up a new sport: Tennis
36. Get a Tattoo
37. Learn a new language: German
38. Visit all 26 Cantons of Switzerland
39. Read 40 books
40. Support a cause close to my heart: Room to Read