A few years ago I calculated that there were 40 months before my 40th Birthday in October 2019, and I decided to start a 40 Things Before 40 Bucket List. I posted my progress here, and today I am sharing the next ten things that I did last year. In the New Year, I have a few things already in the works and others planned to complete my list and even some beyond. I love lists and having a project like this has helped me really take stock of my life and to do things that I ordinarily wouldn’t do or procrastinate about. I am really looking forward to being 40, and for me from an age perspective it is really just a number but one that motivated me to do 40 Fun and Fabulous Things.

23. See my Favourite Musician perform live – here Liam and I saw Robbie Williams in Zurich

24. Walk the Great Wall of China

25. Host 40 parties at Home

26. Commission an original work of art – This piece called Lake People was done for us by American artisit Theresa Losa

27. Kiss a Giraffe

28. Go for a ride! – This was “daring” for me – quadbiking the sandy beaches of the river in Samburu Kenya.

29. Witness the Migration of the Wildebeest in the Masai Mara in Kenya.

30. Travel to 40 countries – Turkey was my 40th and here we also saw two ancient wonders of the world.

31. Hike in Petra in Jordan – one of the best holidays we have ever done!

32. Have my In Good Company work published 40 times.

The Forty Things Before Forty No. 1 – 22
1. See the Northern Lights
2. Get a family pet, well two: Emma and Ella
3. Venture to the Victoria Falls
4. Be debt free
5. Swim with Dolphins
6. Take a class I’ve always wanted to: photography lessons
7. Treat myself to an expensive accessory
8. View the works of Van Gogh – Amsterdam
9. Gaze at the Great Pyramid of Giza
10. Ride a Camel
11. Take a trip to the Taj Mahal
12. Lay eyes on Mt. Everest
13. Encounter an Elephant
14. Eat gelato at the Colosseum
15. Cruise the Med. with my whole family
16. Stand where the Colosseus of Rhodes did
17. Relax on the beaches of Rio de Janerio
18. Stand at the feet of Christ the Redeemer
19. Be sprayed by the Iguassu Falls
20. Take a hair-rasing helicopter ride
21. Eat at one of the World’s Best Restaurants
22. Marvel at Machu Picchu