With the start of a New Year comes many New Year Resolutions and one of mine is to loose weight but also I was intrigued by the idea of these two:

  1. Don’t buy any clothes for a year
  2. Wear a “uniform” during the week – see this article why.

As I am hopefully going to drop a dress size or two, I think it would be great to put these two things into practice – well just a bit. I’m going to do no clothes shopping this winter – save for a black coat (as I lost mine last year) and I’m going to wear this “outfit” every week day. That way, I ‘m going to have a nice slush fund come Spring 2017!

My uniform: Shoes: my Sorel Snow Boots, Gym takkies and Nike “converse”. Pants: my casual blue jeans or black leggings. Top: Flannel and/or chambray shirts and my new black coat.

I have to say already now 10 days into the new year, I love the idea that I know what I’m wearing, that it is comfortable, adaptable to all types of wintery weather and I know what needs to be washed and ironed.