After our stay in the Blue Mountains we flew to Hamilton Island for five nights and to swim in the Great Barrier Reef and to celebrate Christmas Day. It was so odd celebrating Christmas in Australia even though for most of my life we have celebrated Christmas in South Africa. Maybe it was because we were in a hotel, and not surrounded by all my Christmas things and then obviously it was just us four; so no family and friends. It was pretty fun though all wearing matching red and white stripe summer PJs, hiking together around the island on Christmas morning and enjoying a five course meal at a restaurant – so I didn’t have to left a finger – except to pull crackers (it’s just not Christmas without crackers!).

We stayed at the Reef Hotel but if you are going as a couple without kids I would definitely recommend Qualia. The hotel, in fact the whole island what with it being summer holidays and Christmas was full. Fortunately, we had pre-booked our trip to the Great Barrier Reef and our Christmas Dinner – so if you are planning to go definitely book early and reserve your activities beforehand.

Besides our Great Barrier Reef adventure, we took full advantage of the resort and did some hiking, played ten-pin bowling, resurrected our Family Putt Putt Competition and even had breakfast with Koalas!