As you may have already seen on my instagram account, we went to Australia for the Christmas Holidays. I have been to Perth a few times for work but never to the east coast and not for holiday, so was great to finally see this amazing and unique country. We flew with Emirates via Dubai (the plan to get there as quickly as possible – and yet it still took 25 hours!). Partially because of the jetlag and partially because we wanted to spend New Years In Sydney, we actually just landed and headed straight for the Blue mountians. I never even knew such a place existed in Australia and I would highly recommend it. We stayed at the Lillianfels Hotel Resort and Spa. It was just lovely to spend our first three days there recovering from the trip and exploring the town and natural surroundings.

Everything is in an easy walking distance and so we actually ended up hiking our first official day of holiday me: hiking? and on holiday! We walked to Echo Point and the Three Sisters and then continued all the way to Scenic World where it was fun to explore the unique fauna and flora Australia is famous for – but also Bailey loved their current Dino exhibit!