It has taken me a number of years to get used the bed linen in Switzerland. At first I was shocked as to why many couples would buy two single duvets for a double/queen/king bed. But I can now relate as there is nothing worse than your spouse stealing all of the covers, so this seems like a pragmatic and peacful solution – very Swiss. Not that I have implemented it – yet!

One of my other initial shocks was the price of bed linen, but I think over the years South African prices have caught up quite a bit but I still can not bring myself to spend nearly a 1000chf on the likes of Christian Fischbaumer.

But I am in love with the sking set, so my new trick is to buy a mid-range duvet cover, sheet and extra pillows and then just buy two standard pillowcases in the fancy pattern I like. And so for example for Spring I knew there is no way Liam would sleep in flowers or anything remotely floral, but I figured I could sneak in two leafy pillows – and it worked out great.