On Wednesday we had to go to the South African Embassy in Bern, as Zara’s passport will expire next year and it takes months to get a new one. As we travelled the 2 hours to Bern I decided we needed to do some exploring to make the 4 hour round trip worthwhile. So we headed to a a new musuem we have never been to. The Paul Klee Museum is amazing and the architecture alone is worth the trip.


We had ended up timing our arrival well, as just after we had a snack in their cafe (how cool are the chairs?) an Adult & Childrens’ Art Workshop was about to begin. The class was in Swiss German but we were able to make do and create two pieces of work inspired by Gene Davies one of the 10 American Artists after Paul Klee which is the theme of their latest exhibition.

We then headed into the museum exhibition itself and found our favourites! And last but not least, we stepped into their shop to pick up our postcards that we always send to the girls’ grandparents and a small souvenir or two. I am beginning to think Museum Shops might just be my favourite kind of all.