The great thing about flying is that I finally get the opportunity to catch up on all the movies I have been wanting to see and all the books I have bought but have yet to read. Having not read for weeks, it takes me while to get back into it and so usually I start off with something light and fun, nothing too serious. On our flight to China, I started and finished The Secret Garden by Katie Fford. I have read a few of her previous novels, and her writing is engaging and light hearted. I like the pace she sets and the characters and cirucmstances she creates are believeable and not too far fetched or silly.

The best part of The Secret Garden for me was that she didn’t have just one heroine but it was predominantly focused on two ladies differing in age who were friends and they find themselves in a new situation that they weren’t expecting. I throughly enjoyed it and it was the perfect escapism read for a very long flight.