So many people I know have recommended The Seven Sisters Series. And I was glad that I bought a copy as I throughly enjoyed the first book. Luckily Liam bought me a kindle as a pressie so I was quickly able to download the next five books and that pretty much sums up my reading for the past two weeks!

The series is great as one gets to revisit characters in the periphery and delve deeply into two main characters per book (one of the sisters and someone from her past most likely in a completely different part of the world). Plus, there is the thread of something to come connecting all the books that all will hopefully be revealed in the last book. Fortunately, I started the series where already six of the seven books are available and not like other readers who have had to wait months (years?) for the next installment. But I do feel their pain as now I am hoping Lucinda Riley has been very busy in lockdown getting to that last one!

Have you read them? Do you have a favourite sister?