I am no hiker, and I never will be. But I figured I do not have to be up close and personal with all of the Wonders of the World, and that it would count if I simply laid my eyes on the tallest mountain in the World. With this in mind and our close proximity to the Nepalese border when we were travellingin India, we decided to visit Kathmandu with the main purpose of seeing Mount Everest.


Arriving really late at night at Kathmandu Airport and back there only a few hours later, had us just barely boarding the small Buddha Air chartered flight in time. Together we sat down ready to settle in, but only for a few minutes as suddenly we saw before us the whole entire Himalayas. Fortunately, the air hostess provided everyone with a mini guide of which peak is which, but as we proceeded closer and closer it soon became very clear which one was Sagarmāthā (the Nepalese name for Mt. Everest).

It was, in a word: amazing and made even more so by each of us having a turn to go up into the cockpit and look at The Mountain face on. I know I won’t get any closer than that but who knows maybe our girls will be inspired now to take an even closer peek!