I’ll admit it; I am addicted to Advent Calendars. Every year I promise myself that I will only buy one calendar for each of the girls but it is still early November and I can already count four. I’ll just pretend one is for me and one for Liam – and then hope and pray I don’t see anymore. I actually made one this year for Zara, and the one I got for Bailey is a crafty one, so each day we will get to make something – so I guess the ones that Liam and I are now getting don’t count as they fall into a different category. But seriously, how could one resist these cute ones from Meri Meri.

My Woodland Advent Calendar – each day you reveal a woodland critter (and we all know Zara will claim this one).

Liam’s Wooden North Pole Express advent calendar (but yes, it’s really Bailey’s).