Having had a few busy days in the sun, I decided to look for an activity for the girls to do out of the heat that didn’t involve a screen. It is a pity that now that they are 9 and 11, and nearly 10 and 12 that the lure of the toy store is wearing off. Except what we did find was the LEGO Architecture range. It is a bit more pricey than the other sets but I figured as it is from Age 16+ it would take quite some time and skill to put together and therefore worth more.

COOP only had the Statue of Liberty, so Zara picked this one and Bailey the ski chalet from the Friends Collection. Next time we hope to get more of the Architecture Collection: it looks like there are allsorts of famous landmarks: the London Skyline, Arc de Triomphe and even the Sydney Opera House. The Statue didn’t take Zara as long as I had hoped but looking at these other box sets I can see why the age restriction is as high as 16. So I would recommend if your child is younger opt for something like the Statue of Liberty as this was perfect for Zara. And we have the perfect spot for it (and future ones) in the Girls’ Study.