For the Breakfast at Tiffanys party we had at Treichler for Zara’s Graduation, I knew as it was a coffee shop with other patrons; so the idea would be to keep the girls seated for most of the event. As it was planned for straight after the girls concert and leaving ceremony, they would have have already run around getting dressed and making their way to the venue; and so as soon as they arrived I planned for drinks to be ready and Mary to take their photos.

Afterwards, they sat down and enjoyed the breakfast buffet and then I planned one activity before it was time to say goodbye. I bought from Amazon the Audrey Hepburn Little People, Big Dreams book for each girl. The book itself is very simple and not perfect for their age group, but the illustrations and biography at the end of the book totally make up for it.

At the front, I placed a printable Tiffany & Co book plate and best of all, at the back of the book there are a few blank pages. I provided lots of pretty pastel fine liners and each girl got to write lovely messagaes and well wishes to each of their friends. A keepsake for each of them to remember their primary years and to treasure for years to come.


Book Plates