For years, I have been trying to get a reservation for one of Luke Dale Robert’s restaurants. I placed a reminder in my calendar a few months before we were travelling to Cape Town, and decided then already which day we would take my sister out for a great lunch in the Cape Town CBD.

The Shortmarket Club is located on Shortmarket Street but it is through a narrow passage door that you would miss if you didn’t know you were looking for it that totally belies the beautiful interior indoors. We were welcomed with their Gin & Oyster Trolley cart and settled in very nicely in their booth style seating areas. The menu is not extensive but everything sounded good and so we selected a variety off courses. All were well presented and tasted excellent; particularly the duck fat fried potatoes and their secret café au lait sauce and our new favourite drink The Duchess – a non-alcoholic, sugare free, calorie free gin flavoured sparkling water.

Definitely a restaurant to visit and one I would definitely frequent when in the CBD – just wish it was easier to get a reservation but I guess that is a testament in itself to how popular it is!