Our holidays in Cape Town are quite busy and in the past we have spent a lot of it entertaining in our home, so this year I wanted to try and explore more of the Cape and specifically the wine farms and what they have to offer in terms of food, wine and entertainment. We succeeded in visiting a few, and the last one we visited was the morning before Liam left for London.

We went to Steenberg Wine Farm, which is actually a very short drive from our house. At first we thought we were going to be late for our reservation and actually drove right past the entrance as we thought it was still a way away.

We decided to try out their Bistro 1682 for Breakfast, and as it was after the festive season, it was not too busy, so we could take our time and relax in their peaceful restaurant and we had a seat on their patio.

The breakfast was great and whilst the girls tried poached eggs for the first time, it was a miss, I suspected as much. What did surprise me, was Bailey asking if she could stroll through the gardens, and five minutes later she was doing roly-polyes down the hill! Soon followed by Zara…

A morning well spent, and the wine tasting area alongside looked great, so we will have to come back and try our best to secure a reservation to their fancy restaurant Catharinas.