Every year I fail miserably to get a reservation at the Test Kitchen, The Pot Luck Club or even the The Short Market Club, but I have visited the Old Biscuit Mill and pressed my nose to glass windows of the Kitchen hoping to spot an empty seat to no avail. Therefore, even before you book your plane tickets to Cape Town I would recommend trying to secure a reservation to one of these fine dining establishments. Either way you are going to want to head to the Old Biscuit Mill as there are many quirky and cute shops that are unique to this centre. My favourites include Quirky Me, Mu and Mu, Abode, Sootcookie and I don’t remember the name of the shop but I have buyer’s remorse not getting that little Africa Time clock. But possibly I don’t really need it, as my lack of timing already explains why once again I won’t be visiting any of Luka Dale Roberts restaurants any time soon.