I have nearly finished planning all the rooms for the Swiss Family Chalet and now all that is left are the bathrooms, hallways and staircase. These are going to be undergoing a bit of a transformation in that the top bathroom is going to be split into two: a bath, toilet and basin for the spare bedroom and a shower, toilet and basin for the main bedroom and everything that is there now is going to be replaced to have the sme colouring as the bathroom downstairs.

The bathrooms will have grey tiles, white walls and all white and silver fixtures and fittings. The colour will then be brought in with the accessories: things like soft fluffy towels, woven baskets, wooden soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, soap dishes etc.

And then I will be adding in some art but I am still deciding for sure what will go where, here are the ideas so far:

Frame these City Postcards I bought at Globus for the main bedroom bathroom

Make similar Ski Trail wooden signs for the spare bedroom bathroom

Frame scenes of the Apbazug for the bathroom downstairs