So glad I am doing these little Before and After posts of our Swiss Family Chalet in Andermatt as now I get to see if there are some ideas I have missed and are still keen to do.

Case in point, the Hallways are partially finished in that I still need to hang up some mirrors and artwork in the main entrance hallway and I forgot that I had had that Andermatt Map made, so that may be the perfect option.

The Coats and Shoes set I bought from Riveria Maison looks great in the hallway, but the Metal Coat Rack is not allowed outisde of the landing, so I am thinking this may squeeze into the Spare Bedroom.

I then also decided to put up a clock under the stairs, so no clock in the hallway, but the deer chalkboard is doing a good job of decorating the wall and not getting in the way of the opening closet.

And then upstairs this photograph of the Gemstock Cable Car is looking good. It was actually one photo that I split across to standard frames. Which not only saved me on custom framing but fills up the space so much better.