It turns out my ability to read house plans needs some work, as I made the mistake of thinking our patio doors open up onto the balcony. Unfortunately, they open up into the Living Room and are HUGE! Therefore my three couch lounge plan is now down to two and I am still holding thumbs that these will fit with sufficient room to get in and out.

Our lounge is not yet as “exciting” as I am hoping for. I think it is because everything is very neutral: grey couches, white and/or wooden side tables, coffee tables, TV unit, dressers etc. Even the carpet is all different greys. One could argue this is the perfect backdrop for fun, colourful accessories: brigh cushions, lamp shades, vases… But here I too have opted for neutrals, albeit there is a variety in patterns and textures.

I guess my last resort will be trying to bring some life in with the artwork, unfortunately together with the glass doors dominating the one wall, the sloping ceiling and the window on the other, wall space is at a premium. So I’m holding off on plans at the moment, as I am toying with the idea of painting my own mountain scene – and maybe at sunset to get the slight pinks?  Hold this space.