For the main bedroom, we have created different zones: naturally the first will be a king bed and then instead of two nightstands, I have decided to only have one, and on the right hand side have a dresser come desk. That way the room also serves as a quiet place for someone to catch up on work if needs be. Or hopefully one will only be doing what these pillows suggest.

As I have seen in many hotels, a small couch is often placed at the end of the bed. So I am replicating this look, with a sideboard opposite. Usually Liam and I never have a TV in a bedroom, but I am going to make an exception in this room as I think bad weather may be a factor on some holidays, and this will then allow for the girls to watch their programmes downstairs and we can enjoy our own favourites upstairs. I am going to be doing a gallery wall around the TV so as to try and hide it – but I will share the plan for the wall in another post.

Last but not least, I think there is space, so I am adding in a lounge club chair and footstool, hoping to create a little reading nook in the one corner. How clever is this floor lamp that not only shines light when you are reading but can hold your warm cup of coffee too!