One of the biggest changes to my décor that I made a few years ago was adding living plants to all of my rooms. And what a transformation it has made. Even the simplest of rooms have something “green” now with a potted plant peeking out from a stool or a side table. GOOD TIP: If you don’t have a green thumb or there is not that much light in the room – pick plants that require very little care – think succulents or even fake ones. Can you spot the fake one here?

No room has been left without one – even the girls’ bedrooms each have a plant. Bailey has a cacti to match her Llama room and Zara’s looks like a Mandrake to tie in with the Harry Potter theme complete with a warning sign! GOOD TIP: Just by adding a plant to your bedroom you will make it feel brand new!

In large rooms and ones that have more light, I bought the biggest plants I could find and in our living room I even devoted an entire shelf to just plants.

The plants I buy are straight from the supermarket: Migros Do It & Garden and Coop Bau & Hobby. Nothing fancy, so that if they die or only live for a season, it’s okay as it didn’t cost me and arm and a leg. I just keep telling myself they lived way longer than any bunch of cut flowers from a florist. GOOD TIP: IKEA has a great range of plants and pots and you can’t beat their price anywhere.

Instead, I use my budget to buy pretty and unique containers and ceramic pots that put on a bit of show – some even look great without a plant! I buy these all over from supermarkets to homeware stores but recently the ones I found at Sostrene Grene were just gorgeous and at great prices too. So naturally, I did a little photo shoot of them all!