In this post I shared how one of my design tips is to incorporate living plants into your dècor. Now if you are like me where you can barely keep a plant alive for a week (all my current plants have my cleaner to thank for their livelihood), then today’s tips are just what you need.

I am a huge advocate of having plants in every room, but if you have a black thumb or the room itself is “black” and lacking in real prospects of being able to keep a plant alive then why not try one of these “non-living plant” suggestions.

Nowadays every single shop has cushions and linen featuring beautiful floral and foliage patterns. I am totally in love with everything that Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co creates – her florals are stunning. But if you are not keen on flowers, no worries because at the moment palm and banana leaves are all the rage.

Can you guess which one of these plants are fake? It is the green succulent on top of the wooden stool. It really is! I bought these years ago from Interio and whilst expensive at the time they have lasted forever and will continue to do so. So definitely an option to buy the plastic kind, just be prepared to buy the fancy ones because bad fakes are just exactly that: bad.

Did you spot the cacti vase in the previous shot? And all these pretty ceramic succulents? Plants that are shaped from other materials are perfect. They are not trying to be the real thing but look great as decorative pieces. Depot still has these succulents and I have my eye on their cacti vases this season that are made out of green glass!

Prints, illustrations and wallpaper are also a great way to bring flowers and plant life into the room. Here floral illustrations by Jackie Diedam were framed en mass and this room immediately has a flower field feel to it.

Any other non-living plant suggestions? Do share.