For Liam’s real 40th Birthday we celebrated with his family who came over to Switzerland as a big surprise. Part of the weekend celebrations we stayed at Burgenstock in Luzern. To make it a little bit extra spcial, I made some fun accessories for the trip. Many years ago I had heard of Vistaprint but haven’t used them for ages. Then when I thought about getting some t-shirts printed they came up and I am so glad they did. Their prices are good, their website so easy to use but mostly their choice of goodies now is awesome. I ended up not only getting tshirts but also canvas hamper bags, ceramic mugs and even door hangers! What’s more the goods were delivered superfast; and as they are based in Switzerland no customs or excise. Win, win!

P.S. If you know of someone celebrating a 40th or other milestone Birthday feel free to use these graphics too.