I have started crafting for Christmas and I made the girls each an advent calendar and will share soon as well; but like last year I created an “experience” one for the family. Here I take a pre-bought unfilled advent calendar and then write little slips of paper for each day.

Each slip will detail an activity that we will do that day together as a family and is usually Christmas related. I have yet to finalise my list but I wanted to show you how I took this Globus box set and personalised it by placing the boxes on a round tray filled with fake snow. I then added little mini Christmas trees and to make the number 24 extra special I fitted it into a gold based bell jar I bought from IKEA. Now, our advent calendar can also act as a décor piece in our lounge!

The set from Globus – I also saw it available in Pfister and Interio but be quick I think it will be super popular.