As you know I have three rules when wrapping gifts: 1. Avoid the whole card situation and just add a simple tag (rather spend the extra money on the gift/topper. 2. No curling paper plastic ribbon allowed: opt to use real ribbon or twine as these both can be used again and look so much prettier! and 3. always add a mini gift or decoration as a “gift topper” to the tied bow.

This year I am not doing a full 24 advent calendar for each of my girls. Instead I have decided to give them one gift on each advent Sunday. Something much nicer than 24 small (and often plastic/useless) gifts. They are all already wrapped up and tagged 1 to 4. And for fun I added some cute toppers:

1. Chocolate to enjoy!

2. A letter decoration from Depot to indicate whose gift it is – that can be used as a tree decoration or place setting afterwrads.

3. A clip on glitter poinsettia (also from Depot) to decorate the presnet but afterwards a napkin or even one’s hair or dress!

4. A little mini brushe tree that can used as part of table decorations or in the girls’ toy box.