I love wrapping gifts but often find myself short of time. So my here are a few tricks that I always have up my sleeve…

GOOD TIP 1: Get gift boxes – Whenever I see a pretty gift box, I buy them. You never know when you are in a hurry or have an akward gift and gift boxes always make the gift extra special. I particularly like to use these for gift vouchers as then the gift seems “bigger” than it really is. Also, buy plain coloured boxes – that way it is eay to “theme” them to any occasion with the ribbon and a decorative ornament – that way you don’t need to store Christmas ones all year round.

GOOD TIP 2 – Tie on a trinket – This is my favourite idea – no matter how plain the wrapping paper or ribbon, if you add a little ornament or trinket to a gift, it immeditaley looks fancy! Christmas is easy as you can use old tree decorations or if you have a lot of gifts to wrap, buy a bag of bells and add one of these to each bow. Everybody loves the jing-a-ling!

GOOD TIP 3 -Top it with a hat – Tired of boring wine bags? Why not top your favourite tipple with a Father Christmas Hat. Not only does it do the job of “wrapping” the bottle but the recipient gets to play Santa too!

GOOD TIP – You can’t go wrong with candy. Looking to impress little guests? Follow in the footsteps of my friend who always decorates her wrapped gifts with chocolates and sweets. Little PEZ dispensers are my go-to.