Now that our Housewarming and Bailey’s Pizza Party are done, I can start decorating our house for Halloween. I promised Liam I would not be sticking up anything on our newly painted walls and not to go overboard, so I have just started with the entrance. The pizza doormat is staying of course!

I have been hunting for as many fake pumpkins as I could find. I managed to pick up two big orange ones from Coop Bau and Hobby and Depot was having a 50% sale on all of their little ones. My thinking is to buy a few each year so that one day I can have one of those impressive entrances where it is full of pumpkins!

I also had a bit of fun by asking Amanda to make this printable sign for me. I then had it printed on canvas by Migros Photo Service. It is not cheap but they delivered quickly and I can use it year after year. I am secretly thinking of making all different ones for each season…

You can download the graphic work here for free, and for a cheaper option just print and stick on the door or place inside an inexpensive frame.


Halloween Wicked Witch A3 and larger Poster