For the Chic Ladies Dinner, I was asked to create two large centrepieces for the prize table. I am no florist and as it was a charity dinner and I was donating the arrangements, I knew a full on floral piece would be crazy expensive. Fortunately, a few years ago I remembered a centrepiece I had done for an In Good Company Workshop at Multiflora and decided to make something similar.

Basically, you take a large champagne bucket and place inside three potted orchid plants and then fill in the empty space with additional dirt. On top you decorate with a few ornanaments: in this case as it was Christmas themed I added a gold reindeer, glitter poinsettia and a giant satin bow. The final and probably the best idea was to add some little battery operated fairy lights.


Everyone was excited to win the arrangements and best of all I managed to keep the price below a 100chf each:

IKEA Champagne Bucket = 40chf
IKEA Star Fairy Lights = 15chf
IKEA Orchids 6chf x 3 = 18chf
DEPOT Gold Deer = 17chf
DEPOT Pink Glitter Poinsettia = 5chf
Old plastic tree baubles
Old satin ribbon
Dirt from my garden
Total = 95chf

So if you are looking for a fancy floral arrangement this Christmas for your entrance or as a gift to a loved one, why not make your own version. And last but not least, I love the fact that if you manage to kill the flowers – you still have a great champagne bucket to use and enjoy!