1. Celebrate Easter Sunday with a mini party for family, friends and neighbours. My parents live in a complex and so for the past few years we’ve planned a tea, treats and a “big” Easter Egg Hunt in the park and send out the invite to all forty houses. It is a great way to spend a few hours over the holidays and to build a sense of community.

2. Decorate the party area with pretty paper decorations: party shops have beautiful pastel coloured tassels, pinwheels, garlands – or one could easily have the kids make paper chains from pastel coloured paper.

3. Start a collection of “Easter” ornaments and add to it each year, soon you will have lots of little bunnies, eggs and bunnies on eggs to decorate the table.

3. Buy a bunch or two of store bought flowers and rearrange same coloured blooms in milk and water jugs instead of vases.

4. For longer lasting floral options, replant herbs like lavender, mint and rosemary into small baskets. Use to decorate the breakfast table and afterwards the herbs are the makings of a great lunch!

5. Serve ice tea and lemonade for thirsty searchers and banana muffins and tea sandwiches for hungry hunters. Our egg mayonaise ones are always the first to go!

6. Every year I make this cake and it is always a huge success. I actually don’t really make it, but “decorate” it Easter-style: take a store-bought cake (I usually opt for a carrot cake), add chocolate speckled eggs in the centre and sprinkle broken Flakes around to make a nest.

7. An Easter Egg Hunt is a must! Hide lots and lots of eggs and provide kiddies with paper baskets or bags and line them up to “Get Ready, Get Eggy, Go!”