After seeing the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, we took a trip in the afternoon to Memphis. I was so glad that we made the trip as we got to do so many things we would not otherwise have done:

On the way we stopped at a local restaurant and here we had a traditional Egyptian lunch – their hummus is amazing!

The girls at the restaurant were able to go behind the scenes and watch how the Egyptian bread is made.

On our way out, the girls were able to watch how to make sand art in a jar. They got to pick their favourite colours for the sand making the souvenir extra special.

We went to the open air Musuem and here we got a mini History lesson by our tour guide – I especially loved how he used the sand for visual aids! Here we saw the alabaster Sphinx and were surprised to see the HUGE statue of Ramses II.

We drove a little bit more to Saqqara and were able to see the “step” pyramid and then actually venture into the Mastaba (ancient tomb) of another pyramid where one could actually see the hieroglyphics inside.