It has taken years, but I can finally share a photo of my feathered head dress on our dining room wall. Ever since I was a student I loved reading house and garden related magazines and I vividly remember paging through a local magazine and a young professional had redone their apartment and on the bedroom wall was a giant round feathered piece of art. I soon discovered this was actually in fact a traditional African head dress and I think in the back of mind I’d decided then and there that some day I would have such a head dress on a wall of mine.

Jump twenty years, Manor in Switzerland did a window featuring huge brightly coloured fuchsia, yellow and blue feathered headdresses. My lack of German was pushed aside and I managed to convince the sales lady that I wanted to buy the blue ones when their window was finished. Fortunately, I was successful and the headresses were bought and stored in my garage. Eventually, they made there way to Cape Town only for me to have no available wall space and again they were stored for many years. But now finally, I moved some things around and the head dress makes a beautiful and bold statement in our blue dining room.