I have shared the lounge of the Elphinstone House before, but when we were there last (which is over a year now and our return long over due) I took some more up to date snaps which includes one of the my favourite details: the paper lightfitting that I bought here in Steinhausen in Switzerland and shipped all the way back to CT.

And some other blue and white details…


INTERIO Feather Lightfitting
FERM LIVING Art, Cushions
CHAIR CRAZY Wooden Chairs
WEYLANDTS Desk, Desk Chair, Sideboards, Floor Lamp, Metal Side Tables, Ceramic Side Tables, Desk Lamp
HARTMAN AND KEPPLER Coffee Table, Side Table, Server, Arm Chairs, Couches
AT HOME Protea and Aloe Artwork, Beaded Bowl Artwork
CORICRAFT Framed Arch Mirror, Bell Jars
EXCLUSIVE BOOKS Coffee Table Books
WOOLWORTHS Tray, Ginger Jars, Magazines
MR PRICE HOME Blue Pouffe, Wooden Lamps, Glass Lamps, White Lampshades