When we first viewed Elphinstone House in Cape Town, one of the main buying points for Liam was the wall-to-wall wooden panelled study. The room is not 100% lived in just yet but over time we will build up our books and wine collections… so far I decorated the space with co-ordinating Hartmann & Keppler leather arm chairs and desk chairs so that if he needed to he could work in a dedicated and quiet spot. I also placed a round table in the centre of the room; so that in the evenings the room could also be used for a bit of wine and whisky tasting and even a game of cards!

The one point of contention is the kudu. He was actually supposed to go in our lounge but I grossly understimated his size. Also, I am glad that he is tucked away as some days I feel awful about having him but then other days I am like don’t be silly you eat all types or red meat and your favourite biltong is kudu biltong!