If asked what is my favourite space in the house, I would have to say the Garden Suite. It turned out to be the most relaxing room of all, and ironically one that I most likely will never stay in. The rooms are just off the kitchen and are ideally suited to visiting guests. There is a bedroom, shower and a lounge area with a sofa bed plus a mini little coffee station and table area.

The overall look of the room was initially going to be botanical themed what with the space being so near the garden. But Liam declared he quite simply could not live with the green floral wallpaper I had chosen for the lounge area, I had to resort to plan B, which was use the safari wallpaper I had initially chosen for the Kids Bunk room and work from there. But I am so glad we did. Now the space is a peaceful haven with a neutral bed suite and lights from Weylandts and additional furnishings from Pedersen + Lennard but also a nod to our home country: pale animal print walls, wild animal art prints and cushions.