Yesterday, was the main Carnival Day in Zug. All of the bands and schools parade down the main street and the sidewalks are packed to the brim with very weird and wonderfully dressed up spectators. It is quite the spectacular and actually the day starts at 5am! But Liam and I only attended the afternoon parade as this was the first year that the school was particpating.

The kids in Crafts class made a hat decorated in their country of origin to fit in with the International theme. All of the kids hats were so cool, and Bailey’s was pretty cute with all the baby South African wild animals on top. It was good fun cheering them down the street and getting covered in confetti! (I made the schoolgirl area of having my bag open for five minutes and so I guess I will be picking out confetti from there till Christmas!).

If you missed the Zug Fasnacht, don’t worry one of the best in Central Switzerland is this weekend and next week in Luzern and the “best” in the country is a week later in Basel.