As the weather is so warm, most evenings for dinner Liam will grill some meat on the braai (BBQ) and I will make different salads for us to enjoy. I have been trying to also show the girls different ones, and more importantly very quick ones to prepare so that one day they will also be able to do it in minutes and not fall into the trap of just meat and potatoes.

This “coleslaw” couldn’t be easier and you can make it more complicated by prepping all the vegetables from scratch and adding in additional ingredients: cabbage, raisins… but here is my three ingredients, literally 3 steps salad.

Step 1: In a bowl, add grated carrots.

Step 2: Add grated celerac (or cabage if you prefer). Mix.

Step 3: Add thick Migros Aus der Region French Salad dressing and mix.

Tastes good and couldn’t be easier!