Every year, I promise the girls that we will bake and I always get as far as buying the pre-made doughs and every year, I end up tossing it out in January. This year though, especially as we had bought the engraved rolling pins from the Colmar Christma market, I made a point of saying to the girls to remind me. Naturally, they were quick to ask every few hours this weekend; so eventually I gave in and we got cracking. It was good fun, largely because Liam had a little Christmas iTunes mix on and we had loads of counter space in our new kitchen.

The rolling pins were a nice touch, but I had thought the designs were not as clear as I had hoped. So if you are looking to get one, opt for a very simple shape (star/heart) that is repeated over and over again. I think Bailey’s little cats playing and Zara’s fine Christmas motifs were just to small and too varied to come out very well. Nonetheless, the cookies taste great!