My favourite food are hamburgers and if I head to a new place and one is on the menu; chances are I will order it. I am not 100% convinced that Switzerland has the best ones though; and so I am still trying to find one that meets my high standards! So far the best I have EVER had was actually last year at Ribs & Burgers on The Rocks in Sydney, and in Switzerland the current leader is The Butcher.

When we headed to Sihl City for lunch the other day, I spotted Public Burger and that was that, I knew we what we were having to eat. I loved the décor, the atmosphere and the service.

As for the burger and sides, it was good! Just if I have to be honest not OTT amazing. I will definitely go back and definitely recommend it, but if I am hard pressed I have to say The Butcher is still in the lead. Do you know of a better burger joint? Let me know, I’d be keen to try it out!

PS – their half an avocado with sour cream is a must!