Our trip to South America was amazing and allowed me to make huge strides in my Forty Things to do Before I am Forty Bucket List. I ws able to tick off No. 17 – Walk along the Harbour of Rio de Janerio (Natural Wonder of the World). No. 18 – Stand at the feet of Christ the Redeemer (Modern Wonder of the World) and No. 19 Get showered by the Iguassu Falls (New Natural Wonder of the World). What I didn’t plan for but indirectly ended up doing was getting half way through my list: as we were so close to the border of Paraguay and Brazil, I was desperate to see the Itaipu Dam but as our flight had been delayed our days were now fully booked up.

I’m calling it HELICOPTER HAIR!

Except as luck would have it we could lay our eyes on the Dam; we could take a helicopter ride over the Falls, over the border between Brazil and Argentina AND also the border between Brazil and Paraguay with the impressive Itaipu Dam. The only key thing being that this would be my first time ever in a helicopter! I decided to go for it! No. 20 – Take a ride in a Helicopter.

The Iguassu Falls from above.

The border between Argentina and Brazil – I love how they painted the lines.

And I have to say, I surprisingly enjoyed the taking off part and the landing part but I wasn’t crazy about everything in between.