For the past two years or so I have decorated our Kitchen window sill for the summer. I bought three terracotta planter boxes and filled them with the red geraniums. Very Swiss of me if I say so myself. But this is the first year, where I thought to decorate them for the winter season. I repotted the geraniums and placed them undercover – maybe they will survive? And then I bought some Christmas grey foilage – sorry, no idea what they are called and placed in the centre of each one a Christmas Rose. I like the idea of the neutral colours that way they won’t look out of place come January. But now for Christmas I added a big jingle bell and some little felt snowflakes amoung the leaves. It really does make me smile when I am washing the dishes or packing and unpacking the dishwasher for the uptenth time. So I would definitely encourage you to do something similar. Plus, it had the added benefit of me thinking of a theme for next year:

Every year, I try and come up with the a mantra for the year, one year it was “lower you standards; to be happier”, another was “get sh*t done” and this year it is “get rid of sh*t”. It really works! And so I think for 2018 I may go with the phrase that popped into my head when I was potting around with the plants: “Enjoy the little things”. What do you think?