Just a little summary for good order sake. One of my New Years Resolutions for 2018 which also ties into my 40 Things to Do Before 40, was to host parties for family and friends at our home. The idea was to host one or so a month but with a target of at least 12 this year. This month with our Heritage Day braai, I hosted our 12th one and here is just a little look at the parties – many of which I have already featured separately on the blog. I like having this as one of my annual goals; not just because I enjoy entertaining and get to use all my props etc. but I find it helps me to make time to see friends as often one is too tired from a long week and it would just be easier to do nothing… but one always feels so much better and refreshed after having a good fun weekend with friends!


1. JANUARY Three Kings Day
2. APRIL The BFG (World Book Day)
3. MAY Royal Wedding Tea Party
4. MAY Succulents BBQ
5. JUNE Fathers Day
6. JUNE World Cup Soccer BBQ
7. JUNE Flamingo Party
8. JUNE Breakfast at Tiffanys
9. JULY Summer Party
10. AUGUST Swiss Day
11. AUGUST Back to School 
12. SEPTEMBER Heritage Day Braai