As the girls are getting older, it is becoming hard to plan birthday parties that they want to do. I know I could just skip it all together and they wouldn’t mind but it really does provide the perfect excuse for all of their friends to come together and spend time doing something fun as a group. As the girls are still in the stage of just wanting their girl friends over it makes it easy to plan an activity as they are all into crafting. Last year B had a paint your own ceramics class at Creative You Studio in Zurich (I highly recommend it) and this year we are having a Tie Dye party at home.

I spotted this theme a while back when Esther did it for her daughter on the Babyccino blog, and filed it away as potential idea and then it was like the party gods were looking after me because when I thought about doing an all blue Greek party, I thought of batik and that lead me to tie-dying and then would you believe it Sostrene Grene had tie dying kits as part of their Summer offering! It was like it all was meant to be!