To celebrate Bailey’s 13th Birthday we had a family Sunday Lunch with a Boho Spice theme. The weather played along perfectly to be like an Indian Summer. I decorated the table with the Talking Tables Autumn Collection (napkins, candlesticks, bunting, garland) that I have been wanting to use for ages, plus souvenirs I bought years and years ago from India (the carved elephants and wooden stamps) and a few items I picked up over the years from Migros (the tablecloth, the metal lanterns, bowls and the big metal elephant). Whilst I was setting the table, Liam made Butter Chicken with Rice and Garlic and Cheese Naan and Zara made the most amazing cake, but that deserves a post of its own.

Bailey was not allowed to lift a finger, we put here in charge of the playlist whilst we were busy. We decorated her chair as the guest of honour and she got to just sit and chill – her favourite part besides the cake!