Every year for the past four or five, straight after the last day of school closing ceremony, the Moms and I together with the kids have organised to have an early lunch in downtown Zug. As this year, most of our girls were graduating from primary school, I decided it called for something extra special. In Zug, there is a coffee shop and bakery Treichler which used to be frequented by Audrey Hepburn herself! They even have one of her original dresses in their mini museum. And ever since I found out I have been dying to organise a Breakfast at Tiffanys party there. The mini graduation provided the perfect reason and so with date, time and place set, as well as colours and menu done – all I was left to do was think of some added decorations and fun!

For the invitation for the girls to a Breakfast at Tiffanys’s themed Graduation Party, I had Amanda design the card like a Tiffany & Co box. This was placed inside a Tiffany Blue Box wrapped with white ribbon and had the girls names calligraphed on.